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What is contentful

Contentful is a Content Management System that manages and distributes content to any platform. Unlike a CMS they give total freedom to create content models.

They provide a RESTful API to deliver content across multiple channels with an uncluttered user interface.

our collaboration

As a nonprofit organization with a very small team, we were on the lookout for a multilingual Content Management Software that is easy to use, quick to set up, and provides content infrastructure and customizable content modules for the complex bureaucratic forms process. Contentful proved to be exactly the partner we were looking for!

We started our collaboration with Contentful back in 2017, in which the Contentful team was kind enough to provide the Bureaucrazy team with a pro bono plan to help us build our current site with ease and flexibility.

And now that we’re looking to publish our webapp with more functionality and more complexities, Contentful has developed and improved even further with their new Content Spaces, the features of which again perfectly fit our current needs in the product development.  Considering that we are a very small team, it would save us a lot of development and management time. The Contentful team was kind enough again to provide us with an upgrade to our pro bono plan.

Contentful and their team have been very supportive of Bureaucrazy and the goals that we are trying to achieve, they have put a lot of faith in our cause, which in turn will enable us to help others ease their bureaucratic process and navigate their lives.

With the help of Contentful we are able to operate our non-profit organization with much ease.

A huge THANK YOU to Contentful and their amazing team!

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